by Merz

community exclusive


released March 6, 2016

Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 mixed by Ewan Pearson

All tracks written by Conrad Lambert apart from 'Little Bird': Words by Adrian Mitchell, Music by Boris Howarth

Vocal on Little Bird : Lois Lambert. Recorded by Andy Burton
Backing vocal on Rinka Hard Hammer : Zoe Lambert

Mastered by Adi Flück
Art by Yannick Mosimann


all rights reserved



Merz UK

Merz is an English musician, singer and songwriter who, since 1999, has released six albums and a bunch of EP's via Epic Records, Gronland Records, Accidental Records & Dampfzentrale Bern. His music is an eclectic construct of electronics, psych-folk and experimental-pop. ... more

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Track Name: Little Bird
I would uncage you my little bird
And watch you soar around the shining skies
And I would love you my little bird
And we'd explore the planet's mysteries
Track Name: Winterkill
Far below roots are froze

It pounded him, racism
Track Name: Ten Gorgeous Blocks (Ewan Pearson Mix)
Following signs
All in good time
The road unwinds

Keep following signs
The road unwinds

The road, what’s on down the road?
You hope for something more
Cause you’re crawling up the walls
Get better

Others by the wayside fall
Giving up the ghost an’ all
Never came the call
A flounder then a fall

No sense to be found
In this spectral hinterland
Just dreams of sleep and wakes of sound

I took stock
I walked ten gorgeous blocks
To count every good thing I’ve got
In my mind’s screenplay
I sail away

Shed a few skins today
Faced my unfathomable fate
I’m just a shadow on a wall
A shimmer then nothing at all

On this ship of fools we’re bound
To a spectral hinterland
With dreams of sleep and wakes of sound

Following signs
Keep following signs
Track Name: Rinka Hard Hammer
It's a slippery slope
I can't tell you not to go
But I can warn you that
You might not come back

From the word go
I've tried to soften the blow
But it's a hard hammer that falls
Upon your African soul

You're the one and only man
You're the one and only man
You belong to no one
You're nobody's son
You belong to no one

People don't see
This hard hammer that beats
My only advice
Don't make the same mistake twice

A single entity
You see
The one and only
You belong to no one
You're nobody's son
You belong to no one

The highs are high
The lows are low

You feel the cold
Take the blows
You'll find no comfort here
Track Name: Soyinka
'I try
I really try
I try'

Track Name: Limitless One
Here I am again

Gold thread

Shine on New Sun
Shine on New Light
Shine on New Life
Shine on New Love

'The existence of
A limited being denotes
The Existence of
A Limitless One'