Dosawos Songs

by Merz



These two new Merz songs are included as extra tracks on the vinyl release of the album Dreams of Sleep and Wakes of Sound by Laraaji : Merz : Shahzad Ismaily


released June 28, 2019

Written by Conrad Lambert
Track 10, 11 - Merz: vocals, guitar
Track 10 - Laraaji: processed zither, bells, vocals, synth
Track 10, 11 - Victoria Williams: vocals

Track 10 recorded by Björn Meyer, mixed by Conrad Lambert
Track 11 recorded and mixed by Conrad Lambert
In Bern, Switzerland and Joshua Tree, USA.

Mastered by Adi Flück at Centraldubs, Bern, Switzerland

Artwork by Jed Ochmanek


all rights reserved



Merz UK

Merz is an English musician, singer and songwriter who, since 1999, has released six albums and a bunch of EP's via Epic Records, Gronland Records, Accidental Records & Dampfzentrale Bern. His music is an eclectic construct of electronics, psych-folk and experimental-pop. ... more

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Track Name: Same Pale Sun
It's hard to get a read on you
Just trying to catch your manifestation
Even in the morning's delight
There's no way of sensing insight

You do the work of this world no complaint
I'll never reach your vibration
Veiled in your immemorial being
Not all is as it seems

In tune with your melodic guitar
And your sand dune spirit and heart
Fallen on my naked knees
In the shade of a beckoning tree

I turn and face the pale sun
Turn and face the pale sun
Through the mists of the dawn
I turn and face the pale sun

We've minds to know and ears to hear
There's a line that's been drawn in the sand
Every woman and man

Turn and face the same sun
Turn and face the same sun
Through the fog everyone
Turn and face the same sun
Track Name: Somewhere To Run
When you find a wash of love
That you just fall short of
You'll weep like a wash willow
Hallowed in the middle
You take the oxygen away from me
And release it when you please

Skull spinning like a goldfish bowl
As an ill wind blows eddies through my home
I'm always looking for the happy ending
Maybe no end to the searching
Lost bounties, lost qualities
Lost, just lost

This day is not my friend
And I am not my friend
Somewhere to run
Somewhere to run
Somewhere to run

Every day there's a triple darkness
And never a moment's peace
We're all crossing over to the other side
Of Al-Qiiyama city streets
Total proximity but no intimacy

To laugh is to ignore
Wrath and laughter have no power
While they are warming up the same old horrors
Your words are just echoes of echoes
The powers that be
A rouges gallery

This day is not our friend
And we're all at wits' end
Somewhere to run
Somewhere to run
Somewhere to run

You feel the cold and take the blows
But you'll find no comfort here
It's disillusionment every day
Preserve your soul how any which way
And proceed with the desert's creed
To make real
To make real
To make real what you only believe

This day is not your friend
Heaven help us friend
Somewhere to run
Somewhere to run
Somewhere to run