Our Ears Are In Excellent Condition

by Merz

community exclusive


released March 12, 2017

Recorded live at ChoissyStrasse, Bern & Bad Bonn, Düdingen, 2016.

Merz : Vocals, Electric Guitar, Cassette, Sampler, Harmonica
Shahzad Ismaily : Bass, Moog, Acoustic Guitar
Julian Sartorius : Drums

Recorded by Björn Meyer
Mixed by Conrad Lambert
Mastered by Adi Flück at Central Dubs

This live record is also the soundtrack to a film being made by experimental filmmaker Yannick Mosimann, due to be released summer 2017.


all rights reserved



Merz UK

Merz is an English musician, singer and songwriter who, since 1999, has released six albums and a bunch of EP's via Epic Records, Gronland Records, Accidental Records & Dampfzentrale Bern. His music is an eclectic construct of electronics, psych-folk and experimental-pop. ... more

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Track Name: The Golden Age
..a man got into the carriage and began to play on a fiddle made apparently of an old blacking-box....the sounds filled me with the strangest emotion. I seemed to hear a voice of lamentation out of The Golden Age. It told me that we are imperfect, incomplete, and no more like a beautiful woven web, but like a bundle of cords knotted together and flung into a corner. It said that the world was once all perfect and kindly, and that still the kindly and perfect world existed, but buried like a mass of roses under many spadefuls of earth....the
more innocent of the spirits dwelt within it, and lamented over our
fallen world in the lamentation of the wind-tossed reeds, in the song
of the birds, in the moan of the waves, and in the sweet cry of the
fiddle. It said that with us the beautiful are not clever and the clever are not beautiful, and that the best of our moments are marred by a little vulgarity, or by a pin-prick out of sad recollection, and that the fiddle must ever lament about it all. It said that if only they who live in The Golden Age could die we might be happy, for the sad voices would be still; but alas! alas! they must sing and we must weep until the Eternal gates swing open.
— W. B. Yeats, "The Golden Age"
Track Name: No Bells Left To Chime
There’s always some damn dog barking somewhere
Those creatures are no neighbour’s best friend
And the television aerials stand up like stalks on a lake

The kids start up their cars with a roar
And drive down the street ‘til three in the morn’
The world’s full of opportunity when will they ever learn

The TV once portal now mirror
All the merchants of doom on the news overload
The canal is lined with fishermen chattering into cell phones

These houses expand like concertinas
Wheezing out a one-key tune
If you go off the beaten track you will always come back with a story

I’m going off the beaten track; somewhere out there is my story

No kind open arms just disorderly brides
No chewing of the fat just a few brief lines
I could walk for miles and find no bells left to chime
And the sky is a Tupperware grey
The morning offers no welcome just grey
It’s hard to find things sensual on just another UK day

If you park in the wrong place you start a war
Come back home find a note through your door
The walls back on to walls and roads and the roads join up with roads

The walls back on to walls and roads and the roads join up with roads.
Track Name: Dear Ghost
Cover me in dust and dusk and dreams
Each unconscious night
Is an adventure, a horror
Of love and lust and grief

Dear ghost
You’re invisible now
In a dream
Invisible now

The sound of the bell
Leaving the bell

It’s a grievous, mysterious affliction
We fall like fruit from a deathless tree
When they’re asleep
The sound of the bell
Leaving the bell

Unconscious world
When they’re asleep

Love everlasting

Bell leaving the bell
Ghost leaving the ghost

Track Name: Engine Heart
in this warmth an engine grows
silent talk that soothes my soul
for it's a motor of emotion
strum strengthened by devotion
every day

in this warmth an engine grows
that fuel of yours drives me back home
honey in the hive it is
water from the skies it is
what i need to keep rolling on

these pistons
have been working overtime
all my life

soon to be idle
will i never find you folded
in my warm arms

in this warmth an engine grows
i pray for strength in this trashed world
strengthening my engine heart
so it cannot be torn apart
every day
Track Name: Many Weathers Apart
it's raining now
i couldn't be more soaked up in you
cause i conduce
that you're in my heart
although we are
many weathers apart

cloud came by
i'm overshadowed by you
while i conduce
that you're in my heart
yet we are
many weathers part

like cumulo-nimbus
your memory lingers
drifting my thoughts afar
i sit in my car
the way we are
many weathers apart

i can see there's a little rain
i can see sunbeam again
i'm alive
i was hopelessly dead
i'm achieve
achieve what i said
that's my line

the sun is out
it shines an people like you
all the ones i knew
they're in my heart
although we are
many weathers apart
Track Name: Shrug
You built a fire but you can’t get it lit
Providence it may be unkind
You got the gist but you can’t make it fit
Chasing ideas like flies
There’s many a slip between cup and lip
It’s a riddle of life

There is no absolute repose
Everything comes and goes
What is it you think you know?
Where is it the perfect ratio?

Time goes by with a shrug
And the sun goes down with a shrug

It’s not the worst you could do
To be kind and go on your way
You’ll find fault forever, find fault forever
It’s not the worst you could do
To be kind and warm
But each encounter goes through your filter
And every day you wonder
Where’s the adventure?

Time goes by with a shrug
And the sun goes down with a shrug
Track Name: Absence
I have everything I need
Are people younger when they sleep?

Support for the fallen
Down with the tyrant
Support for the fallen down

So legion all, legion again
Let the dams break

Support for the fallen
Down with the tyrant
Support for the fallen down

If I could trade my running legs
For the hop of a bird
I would
If it meant I’d have wings to fly

Support for the fallen
Down with the tyrant
Down with the tyrants

The dark, the darkness
It’s just the absence of light
The bad, the badness
It’s just the absence of good
Hell, hell
Is just the absence of heaven
Hate, hate
Is just the absence of love